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Born 28 January 1978 in Saint Germain en Laye (France)

Nationality: French resident in Belgium.

Mail: boussois@yahoo.fr

Tel: 00 32 476 580 677

37 years old.

Linkedin; facebook.

Autonomy, analysis, creation, discipline, teamwork, adaptability and mobility capacity.


12 years experience in the public and private sector

Areas of Expertise: International Relations: understanding of major geopolitical contemporary country watch Country risk: strategic and policy analysis of certain target countries, strategic consulting and development, areas of analysis: the Arab-Muslim world, Israel, Maghreb countries Gulf study of major regional transformations, development and cooperation North-South relations, euro-Mediterranean Relations

Skills: research, knowledge, communication, management and strategy, networking, project management, teaching, organizing events

Analysis and policy advice: watch, monitoring and policy analysis, writing notes and arguments, consultancies for institutional, universities, think tanks, government departments, political, international organizations. Supervision and coordination: education and training; mediation and negotiation; conducting and organization of debates.Langages: french, english.

IT: office pack, PC / MAC, social networks

“World-class Independent consultant, specialist of the Middle East’s socio-politics matters, welcomes consulting engagements to contribute to the development action-orientated policies and implementing them. Interested parties might include communication/PR firms, consulting businesses, internal consulting units, research institutes/think tanks, education organisations and charities.”


-2016…: Independant consultant for FMGACMT (Paris), Fundation for Memory of Algeria, UNISMED (Prevention of Radicalisation), FACM (Mediterranean Citizens Assembly in Spain). Expert on terrorism in Europe, prevention of radicalisation in Europe and Arab countries

-2015 to 2016 : Policy advisor ForMENA international organisation (Brussels) : lobbying for mena affairs, political communication, analysis writing, organisation and animation of conferences for ForMENA, and with partners such as European Parliament.

-2011 to 2014: Scientific Advisor of the MEDEA Institute (Brussels) for the Mediterranean and Euro-Arab relations. Political communication and organization of conferences, writing analysis, institutional development and academic contact, creating editorial collections, response to tenders.

-Since 2010: Consultant for punctual various bodies and institutions (European Commission, University of Coventry, French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, other publications, etc.).

– Since 2011: Chairman of the Circle of Scholars Middle East (CCMO). With nearly forty young researchers, the CCMO wants an interface knowledge and experts on the Middle East.

-2010-2011: Postdoctorate at IEE/Pôle Bernheim, ULB sur le thème “Faire revivre la mer morte, un enjeu pour la paix au Proche-Orient?”. Travail de terrain de plusieurs mois: interviews, rédaction.

-2008-2010: Teacher in geopolitics, international relations, political science and European Union Programs Grandes Ecoles and Institute of International Education, Rouen Business School.

-2002-2005: Editorial Assistant and Press Secretary to the documentary unit, France 2, Paris. Promotion documentaries chain, organizations press conferences and media / press relations.

-2000-2001: Communications Assistant Office at Alliantis, Paris. Update files and institutional approach to promoting several shows on Sustainable Development



–  Sébastien BOUSSOIS, Gaza l’impasse historique, éditions du Cygne,  Paris, 2014.

– Sébastien BOUSSOIS, Israël entre quatre murs le complexe de sécurité face aux Printemps arabes, éditions du GRIP, Bruxelles, 2014.

– Sébastien BOUSSOIS, Save the Dead Sea, a challenge for Peace in the Middle East, preface by Henry Laurens, a professor at the Collège de France, and afterword by Pierre White, editor of the journal Confluences Méditerranée, Armand Colin, Paris? , 2012.

– Sébastien BOUSSOIS, Israel’s security challenges, perceptions and realities, Editions du Cygne, Paris, 2011.

– Sébastien BOUSSOIS, Maxime Rodinson, an intellectual of the twentieth century, Riveneuve Editions, Paris, 2008.

– Sébastien BOUSSOIS, Israel faced its past; test the influence of the new story, L’Harmattan, preface by Dominique Vidal and afterword by Charles Enderlin, Paris, 2007.


– « The perception of the Palestinian peaceful resistance in the EU », a study by the University of Coventry, to the European Commission, April-May 2012, Brussels.

– « Israel in the regional reconfiguration: external and internal threats », a study supported by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Office of Foresight, 2012, Paris.

– « The influence of international think-tanks in the capital of the European Union », Autrement, 2011 Brussels.


-Organisation of the Symposium « The GCC countries, emerging powers in the Arab world » organized by the CCMO, the Medea Institute and the magazine « Middle East » to the City of Paris, Paris, September 2013, opened by Hubert Vedrine, former French Minister of Foreign Affairs.

-Organization of an International conference in the European Parliament « Tunisia facing the democratic experience »

-Organization of the Conference « From Maghreb to the Gulf, new dynamics and identities in the Middle East » organized by the Circle of Scholars Middle East (JIC) at the Palais du Luxembourg, Paris, April 6, 2011.

-Organization of the Conference « European Union and Belgium against Arab revolts » with Didier Reynders, Belgian Minister of Foreign Affairs, December 2013.


Christian testimony, Africa Asia, Mediterranean Confluence ENA outside the walls, the Middle East, Carto, The International Review and Strategy (IRIS) The books of Islam, Lemonde.fr, L’Express. Fr, RFI, radio Aligre, Al-Balad, The Mov, La Libre Belgique, Le Soir in Morocco, Metro, Direct morning, France 24, Médiapart, Medi 1 Zayman, Lemonde.fr, Vatican Radio France Culture, JOL press


-2011-2012: Post-doctorate in political science

“Sauver la mer Morte, un enjeu pour la paix au Proche-Orient”, Université Libre de Bruxelles (Belgique)

2003-2007: PhD in Political Science

Thesis: « Israel faces his past, test the influence of the » new historians. « ; Director: Jean-Paul Chagnollaud, University of Cergy-Pontoise.

– 2000-2001: Master in Political Science

Politics and political sociology compared specialty international relations. Memory (150 pages): « The New History in Israel 1948-2001 »; Université Paris X Nanterre.


Fluent English; German school; Arabic notions.


-2005: Training TV journalist CFPJ (Centre for Training and Training of Journalists), Paris.

-1998: Humanitarian Project in Vietnam (budget: EUR 20 000) supported by the guides of France.


Travel to the USA, Asia, through the Middle East and the Caucasus.

Writing and publishing novels .

World, folk, classical and traditional music.

Tibetan meditation, zen, and Eastern spirituality and yoga.

Gardening and nature.

Asian literature, Arabic, French and classic.