Sébastien Boussois is a doctor in political sciences, the former scientific and political advisor of the MEDEA Institute (European Institute on the Euroarab and Mediterranean Cooperation, Brussels), associated researcher with the Center Jacques Berque (Rabat / Morocco), in the REPI (ULB Brussels), in the UQAM (OMAN University of Montreal), teacher in High schools in international relations, speaker and political and communication strategy consultant on International relations, the Middle East and euro-Mediterranean questions.

Expert of the region and especially of the Israeli-Palestinian issue, he is besides the president of the CCMO, the Circle of the Researchers on the Middle East, which he cofounded (www.cerclechercheursmoyenorient.wordpress.com).

Sebastien Boussois has a particular experience in the Middle East affairs, which is not usually very easy to find in Europe. With a special political awareness of the situation in the Middle East, especially an analysis of what is referred to as the « Arab spring », which was not totally in line with the western perspective of it as a totally positive development, such analysis comes from his knowledge of the area which is not merely academic, but also interactive given his constant interaction and visits to various Middle East countries, including Maghreb countries but also Mashreq, which is not very common among Europeans.
His contacts and his communication skills are another layer of profession that gives him yet additional credit to his career.

He collaborates in numerous magazines and newspapers. Among them, Moyen-Orient, l’ENA hors les murs, Sciences et Vie, et donne de nombreuses interviews (France 24/ RFI/ France Inter/ France Info/ Radio Canada/ Medi 1/ BBC/ lemonde.fr/les clés du Moyen-Orient/Al Arabiya/ Le Nouvel Obs, le Vif l’Express/ La Libre Belgique/ L’Orient le Jour, etc).

World-class Independent consultant, specialist of the Middle East’s socio-politics matters and international relations general issues, offers consulting services to contribute to the development action-orientated policies and implementing them. Interested parties might include communication/PR firms, consulting businesses, internal consulting units, research institutes/think tanks, education organisations and charities.


mail: boussois@yahoo.fr

tel: 00 32 476 580 677/ 0033 6 28 68 49 41

Last book release, february the 18th 2016


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